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Welcome to Trans-Atlantic BikeShare, World Wide.

Formed in 1992, we have been helping motorcyclists fulfill their touring dreams in places like Europe, England, Scotland, The Isle of Man, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and across the U.S.If you are the type of rider that wants more than a "financial transaction" for your next tour, then we may be what you are looking for.

While looking through the site, be sure to take time to look at what our members have written and the pictures and comments they have sent to us. Look at what is involved with arranging a BikeShare and then give it some consideration.

Please contact us as we are glad to answer questions and offer advice. As BikeSharing is not for everyone, we will not pressure you into joining. We are riders, just as you, and only want to help you find what alternatives you have for touring.

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Current Membership
Australia, Canada, Denmark, England*, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Scotland*, Slovenia, South Africa, USA

* European BikeShares have been supported by these members since 1992

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