Bultaco for sale Tom Burklow
$Offer Bultaco M99

1972 M99 350 Alpina

Price $900 Negotiable
Looking for M49 250 Sherpa T parts (partial trade?)


INFORMATION: Purchased in a Bultaco lot of bikes. This should not be considered a concourse restoration. It is a matching numbers bike in the 000800 VIN range.

It has been re-assembled with parts purchased with the other bikes with many M99 parts, some N.O.S., some what I suspect are reproduction parts.

Bike has the potential to be used for a variety of vintage applications including trials

The engine has had the cases split with new main bearings, crank seals and gaskets. The cylinder has a bore of 83.2mm and a piston of 82.8mm. The bottom of the cylinder sleeve has damage and will need a new sleeve or cylinder.

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What has been bolted up or included   What it needs (best I can tell)
  • Engine
  • Amal Carb
  • Throttle and cable
  • Air intake
  • Air box
  • New air filter
  • New Bultaco kick rubber
  • Original ignition with lighting and ignition coil, point and condensor
  • Exhaust chamber (has some rust through near the exhaust end
  • Silencer (larger high box type)
  • Cylinder
  • Rings
  • Wire up ignition and electrical as desired
  • Sort out tuning as you like
Bultaco Exhaust M99
CHASSIS   What it needs (best I can tell)
  • Body work, painted and in VGC condition. (Tank not sealed)
  • New Bultaco Badges
  • Freshly covered seat
  • New handlebars
  • New period levers
  • New in bag Bultaco grips
  • New Terry Cable (Clutch)
  • New Terry Cable (Front Brake)
  • factory original metal fenders (from M115 250cc Alpina)
  • Bultaco Mudflap
  • Stainless steel spokes
  • (Tires will be mounted with new tubes)
  • Frame painted
  • Polished forks
  • Aluminum bits polished
  • Primarily Bultaco bolts
  • Metal chain guard with hole rubbed through
  • Chain tensioner
  • Swap out some fasteners for original or period correct items.
  • Rear dampers. Have old set that are not nice, but complete different from the orange ones you see.
  • Has brake pads, but they're old
  • Needs rear brake rod


  • Speedometer with bracket - not working
  • Box of electric parts and harness bits
  • Headlight
  • HT coils
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